Rufus & Daisy's Jungle Room

Scarlett's Flight of Dragons

We wanted to add a bit of character and colour to Emily's playroom, so we decided to create a bright sunflower field full of fun, friendly critters. Emily particularly enjoyed playing with stickers and magnets, and so the centre of the largest sunflower was made using magnetic material. We also incorporated the beloved family pet, Shannon, frolicking in the field with her favourite blue ball.

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Amelia's Butterfly Dreams

Explore the interactive 360 view of "Butterfly Dreams"

Emily's Sunflower Field

In this nursery the painted butterflies fluttered across the room carrying photos of the beautiful baby Amelia. A quote special to mum and dad complemented the design and formed the centre point. The butterflies were painted in the same colour as the photo frames and nursery furniture  to help create a colour-aesthetic across the whole room, and glitter paint was added to give the design a sprinkling of fairy-dust.

Mum Victoria was disenchanted with her utility-come-play-room and wanted something to make it a more imaginative, fun and lively space for the toys to live in without it becoming too 'kiddy'. This design features silhouettes of her two children floating on the breeze with their bright balloons, as well as their (female) cat "David" pottering along the work top under the shade of a tree.

5-year old Scarlett loves Dragons. Loves them. She has a whole flight of imaginary dragons that follow her wherever she goes, so when it came to decorating her new bedroom there really was no other option. I enjoyed the project from sketch-book conception all the way through to the last lick of paint, and Scarlett's smile was the icing on the cake.

Up-Up and Away for Victoria

 Explore the interactive 360 view of "Flight of Dragons"


These two little lovelies wanted a room full of friendly jungle animals to watch over them while they slept and grew. The room featured two hanging vines next to the long-legged giraffe, which acted as height charts, twining to spell out their names. The two cosy cots were nestled into big leafy bushes in the corners of the room.